Our Vision: Creating a palette of opportunities

and Industrial
The Engineering and Industrial Cluster is mainly comprised of the Rey & Lenferna Group and of the Forges Tardieu Group, which were created in 1940 and 1931 respectively. We are involved in various fields of Civil Engineering and rely on a team of competent engineers, technicians, site managers and field workers.

The Engineering and Industrial Cluster is organised in 17 legal entities and its 13 highly-specialised divisions cover 6 territories (Mauritius, Mayotte, South Africa, Rwanda, RĂ©union Island and New Caledonia). This cluster targets a wide range of industries such as mining, agribusiness, textile, building and construction, and over the past years, it has been exporting its expertise and services to several countries including Chad, Swaziland, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, and the Seychelles.