Our Vision: Creating a palette of opportunities


The right path never leads anywhere...
except to the objective.

André Gide (1869 - 1951)


Chairman’s Message

I am pleased to introduce this booklet on the activities of our companies.
From humble beginnings, starting up with a textile buying agency, Kasa Textile Co Ltd, we have, over the years, kept developing companies that now cover a wide range of activities and employ over 1,000 people.
All this was achieved thanks to the hard work, commitment and loyalty of our employees, striving to do right the first time.

The values we cherish are self-motivation, hard work, impeccable ethics and a problem solving attitude.
We aim high but we show respect for the individual.
We have been able to develop our businesses with the unfailing support of our customers and stakeholders, and we wish to take this opportunity to thank them.

Over the years we have striven to offer creative, quality-focused and competitive solutions to our customers, so as to bring value to our relationship.
Our businesses are now organised around the following nine clusters to enhance our focus:
Petroleum Services, Trading, Textile, Health & Life Sciences, Sugar Technology, Green Technologies, Automotive, Engineering & Industrial and Strategic Investment.

We are present in over 20 African and Pacific countries. This process has taught us to work with people of different cultures and backgrounds, brought together by the sharing of the very same values and passion.

In these exciting times, I invite you to develop and strengthen our relationship to our mutual satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

Dominique Galea